Basics for Health Society is committed to strengthening the primary care system by delivering resource connection services to address social and economic needs.


Our Mission

  1. To provide individuals and families with connections, and facilitate access, to the resources they need to be healthy.
  2. To partner with health care providers in addressing the social determinants of health in clinical practice.
  3. To foster the development of a broader understanding of health among the next generation of health care providers and leaders.


Our History

The first Basics for Health project began as a pilot funded by ImpactBC at the REACH Community Health Centre (CHC) in October 2012.  In December 2013, ImpactBC returned its focus to its core mission of quality improvement and patient engagement in health care and the Basics for Health program was closed. Through the pursuit of community grant funding, REACH CHC was able to sustain the program, where it continues today as a Dental Navigator program, modeled on the previous Basics for Health project, and serving patients of the dental and medical clinic.

Basics for Health Society was developed to respond to the ongoing need for resource connection services to address the social determinants of health.  Vanessa Brcic, Manjit Chand and Sarah Dobson formed the first Board of Directors in April 2014 and continue to work together to expand and guide the not-for-profit organization in its development and growth.